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Large-scale Pollinator Planting

Large-scale pollinator plot

The "best" planting will depend on your target pollinators species, soil type, drainage, sun, growing zone, size, budget, etc. This page contains resources for installation and maintenance, sources for seeds and plants, and sources to help fund your pollinator planting. For more advice contact your county conservation district, your county USDA service center, or individuals in the database (see green box). For more resources on CRP planting visit the MSU resource page for the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP)

MSU maintains a database of individuals and companies that can help install and maintain your pollinator planting. Spreadsheet of MI based resources for seeds/ burning/ consulting for pollinator habitat (Updated Dec 2023).  To add a name to this list, please email mpi@msu.edu.

Directory of Michigan-based native plant and seed producers: Michigan native seed producers.
To be added as a Michigan producer, fill out the form at the bottom of the Michigan native seed producers pageQuestions? Email us at honeybees@msu.edu

Case studies of individuals who have installed pollinator planting in Michigan

Resources for installation and maintenance of large-scale pollinator plots

Sources for seeds/plants

Resources for seed collecting

Programs and sources for funding

Resources for evaluating your planting

Solar arrays & pollinator habitat