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BIP logoBee program logos

Michigan Local Nuc Program

Resources to promote a local nuc program. 




Pollinator Champions

Become a champion for pollinators. Pollinator Champions is a free, self-paced online course offered by Michigan State University. The course is packed full of videos, articles, and fun activities to guide you through the amazing world of pollinators and pollination.

Bee Informed Partnership Tech Transfer Team

Michigan now has its own BIP technical transfer team that will provide resources to increase colony health and survivorship by providing relevant and timely data to beekeepers allowing them to make better informed management decisions.

Local Bees - The Northern Bee Network

The Northern Bee Network is an organization designed to support beekeepers in the Northern States by promoting collaboration between beekeepers and by providing resources for more sustainable beekeeping.

Pollinator Protection Plan

Resources and updates on the Managed Pollinator Protection Plan for Michigan

Bees Need Vets

Honey bee veterinarians

MI Sentinel Apiary Project

Monitoring hives across Michigan and providing updates about how the colonies are doing, what is blooming in each region, and other related beekeeping information.