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Pollinator Champions

Pollinators feed you. What can you do for them?

Become a champion for pollinators. Pollinator Champions is a free, self-paced online course offered by Michigan State University. The course is packed full of videos, articles, and fun activities to guide you through the amazing world of pollinators and pollination. Click the button below to register for Pollinator Champions. Everyone is welcome to learn about pollinators for free, but for a small fee, you can receive a certificate and materials to help you give presentations about pollinators. Take the free Pollinator Champions course, and then help us spread the word as an MSU Certified Pollinator Champion. 

Pollinator Champions register now button

Ready to take the course? Register for Pollinator Champions

Finished with the course, and want the certificate?  Become an MSU Certified Pollinator Champion. 

Need a speaker on pollinators in your area?  Fill out a request for a pollinator champion to speak at your group.

Pollinator Champions Units and Learning Objectives

Below is an outline of the 4 major units that you will find in the Pollinator Champions course:

Unit 1

Why do we care about pollinators?
  • Define pollination and describe the pollination process.
  • Identify food crops that require pollination.
  • Explain the role of pollination in ecosystems.

Unit 2

Who are our pollinators?
  • Describe plant pollinator interactions - identify what pollinators are attracted to specific plants.
  • Explain the role of managed pollinators.
  • Explain characteristics and life cycles of native bees and other pollinators in Michigan.

Unit 3

What is happening to pollinators?
  • Give examples of factors that are affecting pollinators.
  • Illustrate the interconnected relationship between the factors affecting pollinator health.
  • Describe how honey bees and other pollinators are affected differently by risk factors.

Unit 4

How can you help pollinators?
  • Summarize best management practices for homeowner pesticide use to minimize risk to pollinators.
  • Describe steps that can be taken to establish pollinator supportive habitat.
  • List actions to promote pollinator supportive policy and research.

You can also sign up for our newsletter to get more information about pollinators. Just select the topic "Pollinators and Pollination."