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Help The Bees

Are you interested in helping bees and other pollinators?  There are many ways you can get involved. 

Are you thinking about beekeeping to help the bees? Read this article first.  

1) Become a pollinator champion. Take our free online course to become a pollinator champion, become a certified pollinator champion, and give a talk on pollinators in your area.  

2) Plant for pollinators. Install a pollinator garden, add more flowering plants to your lawn, or install pollinator supportive habitat. 

3) Participate in a community science project. Use your time to help monitor and study bees and other pollinators.  

4) Remove bees safely. If bees are a pest on your property, work with a local beekeeper to see if you can save them.  

5) Help beekeeping associations. Volunteer at your local bee club or help your local pollinator organization become more efficient. 

6) Advocate. Support pollinator policy through advocacy

7) Donate. Donate to the Michigan Pollinator Initiative so we can continue our work.

Four Pollinators on Solidago
Four pollinators on Solidago - Photo by Meghan Milbrath