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Pollinator Champions Certification

If you have successfully completed the Pollinator Champions online course, you can become registered as an MSU Certified Pollinator Champion, for a fee of $30.

Why Become Certified? 

Certified Pollinator Champions have access to their own printable certificate, PowerPoint presentation, and handouts that they can use for giving talks about pollinators in their regions.  This is also a way to support this program - the revenue from this course goes directly to the Michigan Pollinator Initiative so we can develop more pollinator-related online courses and programs. 

There are no extra qualifications to become an official Pollinator Champion. Once you have successfully completed the Pollinator Champions online course, register for MSUE Certified Pollinator Champions. Follow the instructions below to register:

How Do I Become a Certified Pollinator Champion?

To become a Certified Pollinator Champion, first register for and complete the free Pollinator Champion Online Course.

Once you have registered for the free Pollinator Champion Online Course, you can access registration instructions for becoming a Certified Pollinator Champion:

  1. Log into Pollinator Champions FREE Online Course using your D2L credentials
  2. Click "Content" (top)
  3. Click "Become an official Pollinator Champion" (left) for registration instructions.

How do I download the Pollinator Champion PowerPoint presentation or my printable certificate?

  1. Follow the instructions above to register for the "Pollinator Champion Certification" course. 
  2. Once you are registered for the "Pollinator Champion Certification", go to https://d2l.msu.edu/ and log in.
  3. Click "Pollinator Champion Certification"
  4. Click "Certified Pollinator Champions"
  5. Click "Content" (top of page)
  6. For PowerPoint: click "Powerpoint Presentation" (left of page).  For certificate: click "Pollinator Champions Printable Certificate" (left of page).