Pollinator Planting

Wildflower field

Gardening for Pollinators 

Smart lawn alternatives to protect pollinators- Tips for how to make your lawn pollinator friendly

Smart lawn care to protect pollinators - lawn management practices that are pollinator friendly

Gardening for Pollinators: Smart plants to support pollinators - Advice on which plants to choose when planting pollinator gardens 

Invite pollinators to your garden by creating a smart habitat - How to provide resources and habitat for native bees

How to protect and increase pollinators in your landscape - Protecting and enhancing pollinators in urban landscapes

Bees of the Great Lakes region and wildflowers to support them - Pocket guide to the bees of the great lakes region and which plants they prefer 

Michigan Master Gardeners- Information on Michigan's master gardener program

Understand you planting "tools": Plant hardiness zones vs. ecoregions - Tools to determine which species to plant for your planting zone and ecoregion

Flowering bee lawns for pollinators- How to enhance your lawn for pollinators, learn which native species to plant, and how to manage your lawn. 

Webinar on smart gardening for bees and other pollinators - Listen to Dr. Rufus Isaacs speak on gardening for native pollinators

Find an expert- Locate an extension officer near you

Supporting native pollinators

Building and managing bee hotels for wild bees -  A guide to building and maintaining nesting boxes for native bees. 

Large scale habitat restoration 

10 things to think about before establishing a pollinator habitat - Things to consider before establishing pollinator habitat

Resources for seed purchasing, transplanting, and technical advice - Where to purchase seeds, figure out which species to plant, and find quality information