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MSU Apiculture Extension Webinars

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Thursday, August 27th at 7pm EDT
Ever wonder who is pollinating the fruits and veggies on urban farms? What bees visit the flowers in our cities? MSU and Detroit Hives invite you to learn about the bees that thrive in the city.  Sarah Scott from OSU will give an overview of the bees you are likely to find in your garden, what roles these bees play in pollination and food production, and how to encourage more to move into your neighborhood. Dr. Kelsey Graham will highlight the wool carder bee - a unique pollinator with some crazy antics. Join us as we get to know the bees that thrive in the city!

Past Webinars

Pollinator habitat: making every acre the best it can be


First-Year Colonies: Getting Ready for Bees

Watch the webinar recording of First-Year Colonies: Getting Ready for Bees
Supplemental materials: 

First-Year Colonies: What to Do When the Bees Arrive

Supplemental materials: 

Established Colonies: Early-Season Management

Supplemental material: MSU Bee Blog (subscribe for updates), especially the Early Spring Management post

Established Colonies: Preparing for Swarm Season

Michigan Beekeeping: Questions & Answers Webinars

These webinars were intended for all small-scale beekeepers, regardless of whether their colonies are new or overwintered/established.  

Recording from Q&A webinar held on June 3rd, 2020

Recording from Q&A webinar held on June 30th, 2020

Recording from Q&A webinar held on August 5th, 2020

VARROA Webinars

keep bees alive: Why did my bees die?

Supplemental material: Why Did My Bees Die? handout

keep bees alive: understanding varroa risk

Supplemental material: Varroa Mite Monitoring handout

Keep bees alive: making a plan for varroa