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Do you have questions about honey bees or other pollinators that weren't answered by our website? Submit a question to an expert below!



MSU Pollinator Experts

If you have further questions, contact the MSU experts in the following categories below:




Meghan MilbrathDr. Meghan Milbrath

Honey bee veterinarian, commercial beekeeping, and queen questions

Coordinator of the Michigan Pollinator Initiative and academic specialist, Department of Entomology


Telephone: 517-884-9518 

Ana Heck

Ana Heck

Hobby Beekeeping Questions, Public Concerns

Michigan Pollinator Initiative, Department of Entomology


Telephone: 571-884-7976



Adam Ingrao photoDr. Adam Ingrao
Hobby beekeeping, U.S. Army Veteran beekeeping questions
Veterans Liaison for Michigan State University Extension and Agricultural Entomologist
Dan Wyns photoDan Wyns
Commercial beekeeping questions
Michigan Technical Transfer Team, Bee Informed Partnership
Zachary Huang photoDr. Zachary Huang
Honey bee nutrition, disease, and queen questions
Associate professor, Department of Entomology
Telephone: 517-353-8136 
Rufus Isaacs photoDr. Rufus Isaacs
Native Bee questions
Professor, Berry Crops Entomology Lab, Department of Entomology
Telephone: 517-355-6619 
If you want to identify a native bee from a picture, try posting to iNaturalist and/or Bumble Bee Watch.