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Resources for Students

Missing campus bees? Watch them on the roof of Bailey Hall in the live stream video above.

The Bailey Bee student group manages hives at Bailey Hall and the Student Organic Farm on MSU campus. The Bailey Hall hives are equipped with Arnia hive monitoring technology that was generously funded by the Department of Entomology. This equipment allows the students to remotely monitor hive weight, temperature, acoustics, humidity, and activity. Learn more about the Bailey Bee's live hive monitoring project and view the data.

There are two student groups at MSU that work with bees. If you would like to get involved with pollinators on campus, become a member of the google group MSU_StudentBees and check out the resources below.

MSU Bailey Bee Team

MSU Students of Veterinary Medicine Bee Club


MSU Student Bee Club Event Calendar

Take a look at the calendar below for student bee club events on campus. There are many opportunities to help with the bees throughout the summer.