Resources for monitoring and managing Varroa destructor

The varroa mite (Varroa destructor) is the worst pest currently facing honey bees in the United States. This pest has been devastating to Michigan beekeepers, and has been responsible for the deaths of thousands of honey bee colonies.  We need to work together as a beekeeping community to stop the varroa epidemic.   

1.  Monitor for varroa mite populations in your own colonies

2. Manage varroa mite levels - never let the populations of varroa get above 3 mites/100 bees.  This keeps your bees safe and prevents disease spread to your neighbors. 

3. Purchase queens that have been bred to be resistant to varroa mites. 

4. Donate money to varroa-related research, and tell your political representatives that this is important.   

Varroa mite

Photo credit: Gilles San Martin

MSU Resources on how to keep your colonies safe from the varroa mite

Other useful resources for managing varroa